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Apt 201

Riley Ishida is a freshmen in college, but, due to financial need, he lives out of dorms in an apartment complex 10 minutes away from the university. All seems fine and well, until his neighbor, Chris Chaplin, comes home. Sleepless nights lead Riley to an edge that he's not so proud of and yet it's too late to stop.



Lately, I've been experimenting with astropad and ipad. I guess I'm slow at processing things (I literally just figured out how to post this) so it's taking a while. So far it useful. Other than that I've been re-writing my story as well as writing for my other couple. Any how, I just wanted to remind people that I have a patreon and while I'm not super active on there (only slightly more than on here), I'd really appreciate it if you'd consider it:

I made a couple of keychains and I'm thinking on adding them on my patreon as a reward for pledging (not sure how much though) I took some pictures of them with my phone but the quality is just crappy...


posted by Classtache @ April 4th, 2016, 3:16 am  -  1 comments

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